Alpha Testing

Primarily as other services do not guarantuee that they are not peeking at our data.

Secondarily as this is easier to support to our friends and to customize it how we require.

What is a "Set" and how does all of this work?

A Set is a group of files. One can create as many sets as one wants. Each receives a unique Set-ID.

When creating a new dropoff one automatically creates a new Set and receives two links per the provided email, one points to the Dropoff interface where one can add more files to the set, the other points to the pickup interface where one can only download files from.

The uploader thus uses the dropoff link while downloaders solely need the pickup link.

How secure is

The Set-ID's are SHA-1 hashes over randomized data (and as the details are not public of the components this should be fine even though it is SHA-1), this should avoid others from guessing the Set-ID reasonably well and also avoid people from scanning the whole space to find all existing Sets.

We store data as provided on disk but one can transfer using HTTPS if wanted.

We use SSL Certificates provided by CACert, one can install the CACert root certificate to verify it easily.

We keep transfer logs (standard Apache-alike logs) for all communications as such, is not a proper hiding ground if you want to do something illegal.

Where do I report bugs/problems?

Please send an email with a proper description to

Are there any upcoming features?

We are planning the following features:

  • File management (deletion etc)
  • Descriptions for uploaded items
  • Per-file and Set Statistics
  • WebDAV access (upload and download)
  • Gallery-style Image previews
  • Downloads of complete sets as a single Set

What makes different?

  • Technically unlimited filesizes
  • Chunked uploads
  • Uploading something does not mean losing your (copy) rights

How do you pronounce

Like the girls name Shirley.

What is the maximum file size?

There is as no technical limitation, but we do suggest to be nice to the system and to not abuse that feature.

What browsers are supported?

The uploading tool uses HTML5's File and Blob APIs (javascript) thus you likely need a current Chrome, Safari or Firefox for this to work of course with javascript enabled, we only tested it on these three, it might work on others.